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by Steven D. Johnson
Racine, Wisconsin

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A Brief Word on the New T-Loc Systainer


Well, I promised it would be brief.

Past ravings are ample evidence that I am firmly in the Systainer "fan" column, but I get the feeling that the new T-Loc Systainer was a solution looking for a problem. Yes, I suppose being able to open the Systainer on the bottom while the balance of the stack of containers stays locked together is a nice feature, but was that really a serious, deal-breaking problem? Yes, I suppose someone broke a fingernail once opening the original snap locks, but was changing the latch important enough to reengineer the entire product lineup? Impress me more with your engineering prowess and put an LED light on the front of your jigsaw. Actually, that is unfair. Tanos, the maker of the Systainer, likely instigated the changes, and Festool is likely being forced to modify all its custom tool inserts to fit the new Systainer.

The new T-Loc Systainer is nice, and the changes, more evolutionary than revolutionary, will help keep Festool way out in front of the competition, but I won’t be rushing out to replace all my current Systainers.

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